For the beginners

Okay, you’ve made up your mind. With the right mindset, it’s now just a matter of finding your rhythm.

If you are a beginner, we will start with three intense, two easy and two rest days. For about 3 months we will watch your body together. From this we will develop your personal rhythm with which we will accustom your ligaments and muscles to the new stresses.

Even if your muscles learn very quickly, your ligaments need six months to get used to the new challenges.

For the athletes

If you have several years of experience – 2 years should be enough – we will first discuss what you are actually dissatisfied with.

After that I will create an individual plan for you. Repetitions, daily rhythms, weights and duration are very precisely specified by me.
Right away: It is of course your life and your body, but we will only reach our goals if we act instead of talking!

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