Alexander Seidl, 53, Unternehmer

When it comes to mindset, that was exactly my problem. I knew how, I knew what, just not why. Gaby Lo took me by the hand, led me into body awareness. She made me understand how professional success is related to proper nutrition and physical fitness.
After that, everything was clear. However, I was often surprised how shr she slowed me down and asked me to give my body the time to grow with the new tasks.

Elisabeth Sophie Kulik, 24, photographer

Gaby gives you the feeling that you don’t have to bite. As if it were all the easiest thing in the world. She motivates you, keeps you going and eventually you get into a flow where you just go along with her and the laughter never leaves your face. I have never been so consistent. It has never been so much fun. I have never been so fit.

Manuela Autischer, 47 Nurse

Workout after a 12 hour shift as a nurse? Difficult. Really difficult. But if you complete your first services pain-free, because Gaby developed the plan especially for your typical movements, then you don’t need to think anymore. Then you look forward to it.
And until then, Gaby motivates you every day anew.

Bettina Kunst, 35, commercial employee

I grew up with Gaby. That means I could be as fit as Gaby today. I’m not. But I will be. Why? Because it’s fun to train with her. And because I think that if she can do it, I can do it too.

Patrick Schwab, 28, roofer

After a serious illness, I was very down. I was powerless and every effort was so unpleasant that I didn’t want to do it. In a group training session, however, Gaby motivated me in such a way that I was sweating through and proud at the end. Months have passed since then and I am now more efficient and motivated than before.


Elisabeth Jarmic, 40, real estate specialist

What can I say, she simply motivates me. She really makes you feel when she’s mad because you’re canceling again. And also what pleasure she gets when she is allowed to make up for a „missed lesson“. In the end, I’m grateful because I’m firmer than I was at 25.


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